The Fourth Asia-Pacific Symposium on Internetware

Internetware 2012

Qingdao, China, October 30-31, 2012

Co-located with ISHCS 2012 (Oct29-30)






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The Internet provides a global open infrastructure for exchanging and sharing of various resources for the people all over the world. The rapid development and wide application of the Internet makes it become a new mainstream platform for software to be used, developed, deployed and executed. With vision of ¡°Internet as computer¡±, many application styles such as pervasive computing, grid computing, service computing and cloud computing occurs on this open and dynamic environment. In order to support various new application styles and accommodate the fundamental change of underlying support platform, many specific software technologies such as service-oriented architecture are proposed for current practices. However, although these technologies are useful and popular, they are far from systematic and complete because no uniformed software methodology and technology system like the object-oriented one is provided.

Conceptually speaking, in order to adapt the software system to such a new environment, its structure model will be autonomous, context-sensitive, continuous-reactive, evolutionary, and proactive, etc.. The software entities dispersed on distributed nodes over the Internet, which evolved from objects in object-oriented methodology to software components (component-based software development), now are further turned into self-contained, autonomous and adaptive software services in service-oriented computing of state-of-arts. These software entities will be coordinated by coordinators statically and dynamically in various kinds of interaction styles (passively and actively) such as integration, cooperation, orchestration to achieve flexible design objectives. So a so-called ¡°software-web¡± instead of information-web is weaved. This software-web as a whole is able to perceive the changes of open, dynamic, and uncertain environment and respond them in the way of transforming the architecture. Furthermore, the flexible design objective of the software-web is reflected by its exhibiting several compatible goal-directed behaviors according to its up-to-date knowledge about the outside environment. A portmanteau term ¡°Internetware¡± is used to denote the future software-web in open and dynamic environment, which can be defined as follows: an Internetware system is a software system consists of self-contained, autonomous entities situated in distributed nodes of the Internet and coordinators connecting these entities statically and dynamically in various kinds of interaction styles (passively and actively). As a whole, it is able to perceive the changes of open and dynamic environment such as Internet, respond to changes in the way of architectural transformation, and exhibit context-aware¡¢adaptive and trustworthy behaviors in the open and dynamic environment in order to meet its flexible design objectives. Internetware challenges many aspects of software technologies, from operating platforms, programming models, to engineering approaches, etc.

This symposium aims to provide an interactive forum where researchers and professionals from multiple disciplines and domains meet and exchange ideas to explore and address the challenges brought by Internetware.

Call-For-Papers of Internetware 2012: PDF

Topics of interest include but are not limited to

1. Novel software paradigm for Internetware
2. Modeling and implementation of Internetware
3. Formal methods for Internetware
4. Internetware in industrial practice
5. Software analysis, verification and testing
6. Software dependability, trustworthiness and confidence
7. Requirements engineering for Internetware
8. Software architecture and Design
9. Mobile and pervasive computing
10. Cloud computing
11. Cyber-physical systems, Internet of things
12. Big data

Steering Committee

Hong Mei, Peking Universiry
Jian Lv, Nanjing University
Zhi Jin, Peking Universiry
Tao Huang, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Daoxu Chen, Nanjing University
Jianmin Wang, Tsinghua University

Program Committee

Qianxiang Wang, Peking University
Lin Liu, Tsinghua University
Zhenjiang Hu, National Institute of Informatics(Japan)
Gang Huang, Peking Universiry
Wenzhong Li, Nanjing University
Xiaoxing Ma, Nanjing University
Jun Wei, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Lei Xie, Nanjing University
Tao Xie, North Carolina State University
Yuanfang Cai, Drexel University
Wei Zhang, Peking Universiry
Haiyan Zhao, Peking Universiry
Minghui Zhou, Peking Universiry
Didar Zowghi, University of Technology, Sydney

All papers MUST be written in ENGLISH, and submitted to here.
Papers should not exceed 10 pages, and follow the expected form.

All accepted papers (including regular papers, posters and tool demos) will be published in the Proceeding of Internetware 2012,and submitted to ACM's Digital Library.
Extended versions of best papers will be considered for publication in "International Journal on Software and Informatics".

Important Dates
Submission Deadline: September 1, 2012
Notification of Authors: September 30, 2012
Camera Ready Due Time: October 20, 2012